We are a family company with Dutch roots. We have been working in Poland since 1998 producing healthy food. 

Our products arise from passion for a simple life in harmony with nature. We offer 100% natural butter: nut, almond, sesame, coconut, cashew and we also roast different seeds. We provide highly energetic and healthy, as much as possible, food.

It is essential for us to be able to live our full potential and strength, especially in today’s stressful world. We are extracting this precious energy from the gifts of nature -nuts and seeds, the hardest parts of plants in which the essence of life has been hidden. It is a treasury of ingredients without which our healthy growth would be impossible. We support development and enjoying life.

PLANTA FOOD TO GROW products are prepared so that they are easily digestible, natural, but also simply delicious.

We know how to do it!

We draw on the tradition of Dutch craftsmanship, which traditionally deals with nut processing. At every stage of preparation of our food we are attentive: selectively carry out the selection of nuts, skillfully roast them, and then rub in accordance with traditional art. This is how we extract life-essence from nuts and seeds in the form of the best quality fats, vegetable protein, microelements.

We give you energy for every day.

From the very morning, from a healthy, tasty, energetic breakfast!